What is NU Directions?

Our vision is to create a community/campus culture that supports responsible low-risk drinking, including abstinence.

The NU Directions Coalition is part of the A Matter of Degree program administered by the American Medical Association and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Originally funded in 1998, NU Directions received additional funding to continue the project through 2007.

The Lincoln College Partnership is bringing the city of Lincoln and it's major universities and colleges together to solve the problem of disruptive house parties.

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What's New

NASPA Strategies Conference

NU Direction's Project Director Linda Majors will be presenting at the NASPA Strategies Conference on January 23. View her presenation below:

We have added two new sets of presentations by various authors:

New law to help control alcohol problems caused by density passes the 2006 Nebraska Unicameral.
LB 845 changed the current language of the state's liquor control statute from "shall" to "may" to empower the Liquor Control Comission the ability to deny new license applications, and added the consideration of additional burden on local police departments based on the location of the new license in areas with existing high density as a reason for license denial. The new law also empowered the Liquor Control Comission to certify (and help fund) Responsible Beverage Service training programs such as the web-based RBST program created through a project committee of NU Directions.

The Nebraska Collegiate Consortium to Reduce High-Risk Drinking brings colleges and universities together from across the state to help create successful environmental programs that reduce high-risk drinking on their campuses. Visit the web-site.

The Resident Roundtable Project brought students, neighbors, landlords, and other local stakeholders in key neighborhoods around Lincoln together to talk about issues between students and permanent residents. Read the final report.

Greek Re-Evolution brought eleven fraternity and sorority chapters at UNL to a new level of excellence by addressing a wide variety of issues that have limited successful Greek life, including alcohol abuse. Read the project summary.

The web-based Responsible Server and Seller Training helps those in hospitality establishments and retail stores Nebraska avoid sales to minors and sales to intoxicated patrons. Log on!

Student Voices brings student issues surrounding the alcohol environment to the forefront through forums and discussion groups. We're always looking for more students to share their experiences, interests, and issues. Let us know your interests and opinions.